Ex-GOP Analyst Says House Investigations ‘Heroin’ For Fox News

Ex-Republican David Jolly over the weekend described the impending investigations by the GOP-controlled House into FBI and CIA abuses as “heroin in the veins of Fox News viewers.”

The one-time congressman who ultra-liberal MSNBC now employs as an analyst made his comments to Katie Phang on the network’s Saturday morning programming.

Jolly was referencing reports that newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has brokered a deal with the House Freedom Caucus to organize a committee in the fashion of the Church Committee that investigated executive branch abuses after Watergate in the 1970s.

Jolly whined that such a committee would only “undermine our confidence as Americans in self-governance.” He added that the “heart” of the movement to investigate the agencies is a Republican desire to “break down the government.”

It is already evident from Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” revelations that the FBI and other executive branch offices have conspired with Big Tech, social media platforms and corporate media to suppress news and opinions harmful to Democrats and the Biden administration.

Reports also indicate McCarthy is expected to put Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) in charge of the new committee.

Massie appeared on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last Thursday and told host Tucker Carlson that he is not sure he will be asked to lead the new committee but confirmed he had been told by McCarthy he will be appointed to the new panel.

The Kentucky representative, a two-time MIT graduate who staunchly believes in individual rights, promised that the committee would bring forward to the American public any “illegal or unconstitutional findings.”

Massie said that much of the committee’s work would occur in the House’s Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), and the American people will need to have a high level of trust in the people appointed to the committee for that reason.

He said: “I’ll tell you what, if there’s something fishy going on, I’ll come out of the SCIF and tell you, but a lot of it will be behind closed doors, it will be classified information. If we find anything illegal or unconstitutional, we will bring it forward.”

Carlson has said in recent months that he supports Massie to lead a new House committee to investigate overreach and wrongful acts by federal agencies.

Massie said in thanking Carlson for his endorsement, “I don’t know if you are clairvoyant or just made the future happen, but it’s happening.”