Ex-Google Aide and Goldman Sachs Form Political Alliance

In America today, there are growing conversations about the pros and cons of market monopolies and Big Tech.

Some people see nothing wrong with the formation of these entities and support them going on as they have been. Many people with this school of thought believe these companies can make a positive difference, both in individuals’ lives and in society at large.

However, others are sounding the alarm that when corporations become too powerful, it can lead to abuse, suppression, and even the control of information.

Now, a new collaboration between a previous executive for Google and financial giant Goldman Sachs has a lot of people talking.

What to Know About This Pairing
Former Google executive Jared Cohen is linking with Goldman Sachs in order to further the latter’s policy ambitions with the use of technology. Cohen, in his official capacity, will work to achieve this goal as Goldman Sachs’ regime change director.

A critical part of his job description will involve working to advance geopolitical landscape changes and technological progress. Goldman Sachs believes that with Cohen working for the company, it will ultimately lead to strides forward across the globe.

More Than Meets the Eye
Cohen’s new job with Goldman Sachs has caught national attention for some very critical reasons.

For one thing, during his employment with Google, Cohen led the Jigsaw project. This form of artificial intelligence was branded as a tool to help push back against online users becoming radicalized.

However, Jigsaw, on Cohen’s watch, did far more than advertised. Jigsaw had a hand in election interference and also targeted various conversations that took place online.

Google, meanwhile, pondered taking Jigsaw one step further.

There was a time when executives for the tech giant talked about using the artificial intelligence project to push back against global populism, so-called election interference, and even right-wing social media users in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.

It also hasn’t been missed that Cohen’s work history involves not only a cushy job with Google, but also a previous stint in the State Department under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s oversight.

All things considered, there are questions about the specific methods that will be employed in order for Goldman Sachs to achieve its worldwide political goals.