‘Even Worse Than You Imagined’: President Biden Confuses The Army And Navy, Iraq And Afghanistan In Interview

Biden is losing it day by day as he gets questioned about the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. After Biden’s return from his vacation in Camp David, he had an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News. Stephanopoulos shared the entire interview on demand of Hugh Hewitt.

Many people were taken aback when the whole transcript of the interview was made public. Following that, Stephanopoulos asked Biden a question about the Afghan pullout, adding that many veterans agree with the military leave since it was unavoidable. Still, his main issue was how Biden would respond to Javier McKay’s remarks, an Army Special Forces Officer shot twice and agreed with Biden on the need for departure. Nonetheless, he said that he wishes they could have left with honor. Biden’s reaction to this statement was all over the place.

He began by discussing his departed son Beau, who had spent six months in Kosovo and a year in Iraq. He stated that he was a Navy Captain, then a Major, and then corrected himself to say he was an army Major. He also faltered when he suggested his kid had reservations about returning from Afghanistan, which he had to change to Iraq. There are numerous flaws in the statement, and people are freaking out about it. Biden had to correct himself three times in a single account. Calling his son a Navy Captain at first, then restoring it to the Army, and adding that his son regretted leaving Afghanistan, only to remember that it was Iran. Hunter, his son, was in the Navy but was sent out after being caught using cocaine.

What’s more problematic is that Biden has been using the support of his dead son a lot more now in hopes of getting away with any criticism coming his way. He always mentioned that he served six months in Kosovo while missing out that he was posted there to train the prosecutors and that after the war had ended.


The whole unedited transcript of the interview is even more chaotic, and people seriously doubt the man they voted into authority.

Biden further mentioned that China and Russia would be the ones that will benefit the most out of complete Us withdrawal from Afghanistan as they will get a chance to expand their alliance to them for future economic development.