Even Obama’s DHS Secretary Says Biden’s Border Crisis Is Out Of Control

Biden may be considering the Southern Border crisis as an everyday happening now. Still, Obama’s homeland security secretary, Jeh Johnson, has stated that things are out of control, and something needs to be done.

In his statement, Jeh Johnson told CNN’s Ana Cabrera that the border congressional districts like Laredo, Texas, which observes the highest migrant inflow being the closest entry point with Mexico, will also stress upon treating the migrants in a humane way. He referred to the mortifying situations at the refugee camps and the camps for illegal migrants along the borderlines. Continuing his statement, he said that despite the critical conditions these illegal migrants might face at the border, the state has a responsibility to control the border. As reported by the DHS, 200,000 people entering the border is not an average amount.

Johnson took a very moderate tone to state that the illegal migrants entering the country and those residing here for years now deserve a path to citizenship. Still, there exist legal and illegal ways to enter the country. In the end, he stressed that these immigrants deserve to be treated fairly. Still, the border needs to be controlled by the government rather than losing it to the swamps of immigrants entering in thousands at a time, completely defying the border security rules.

The way Obama officials are critical of the border situation says a lot about Biden’s intentions regarding the border and how least motivated he is to take decisive action against it. The least he can do is take back his cancellation of the ‘stay in Mexico’ policy or strengthen the border patrol to minimize the criminal activities in the vicinity.