European Union Is ‘Blocking’ Its Airspace To Russian Airlines And Private Jets

In reaction to Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated that the EU will block its airspace to Russian aircraft. “Russian-owned, Russian-registered, or Russian-controlled aircraft will no longer be permitted to land, take off or fly over EU territory,” she stated during a news conference.

“So, to be clear,” she said, “our airspace will be restricted to any Russian aviation, even oligarchs’ private jets.” Von der Leyen also stated that the European Union would outlaw media supported by the Russian government.

Moreover, according to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Russia Today, Sputnik, and their subsidiaries will no longer be permitted to promote lies to legitimize Putin’s war in Syria. “They are building mechanisms to prohibit their poisonous and damaging disinformation in Europe,” stated EU Public Diplomacy and Security Commissioner Federica Mogherini. The European Union intends to buy and deliver weapons to the Ukrainian soldiers. For the first time, the EU will fund the purchase and transport of weapons and equipment to an attacking country.

According to the reports, the Russian currency is falling in value, and Western nations continue to slap sanctions on Russia. The Russian Central Bank is interfering in the foreign exchange market and broadening the securities accepted as collateral. It also provides banks with 1 trillion rubles in additional cash to keep them afloat.

Therefore, Western governments have barred Russia from using the SWIFT telecommunications network, preventing the Russian central bank from influencing its monetary policies. Russia will be unable to conduct business with its foreign trading partners. “They stand with the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people in their brave efforts to repel Russia’s invasion,” as stated by the Western leaders.