Eric Swalwell Is Furious About Those Who Refuse To Take Covid Immunizations

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-California, tweeted a furious rant about those who refuse to take the COVID immunizations on Monday. More than that, it was a glimpse into the utter lunacy of the members of the Cult of COVID, who believe that enough harassment and insults will alter a person’s mind.

There are no more impediments in the way of vaccination. You can have it if you want it. There are requirements, initiatives to exclude and persecute the unvaccinated, and a pop culture war to designate everyone who opposes this vaccination as “anti-vax.” The attempts to persuade those apprehensive about acquiring the COVID vaccination are many and well-known. Anyone who hasn’t been immunized just doesn’t want it. It’s reasonable to assume.

Some of us have tried heroically to comprehend the virus’ excessive worries and frenzy. Rather than merely protecting themselves, they demand that we all live in constant terror. Our children, companies, and fundamental liberties are all being punished.

Conservative pundit Eric Zuckerman claims that conservatives do not believe that insulting someone would change their opinions. We recognize that living in a free society entails balancing our desires with others, and we resolve these conflicts through the vote box. We don’t kick our feet and demand that the government takes away free Americans’ human rights.

Democrats are always trying to take away your fundamental rights by “blah blah blah.” As if they had no significance. Private companies have the right to tell you that you can’t patronize their business. Eric is only half correct here (which is more right than he is most of the time). The government does not have such authority. They are forbidden from discriminating against their people.

Moreover, the left moved COVID’s goalposts to appear that not getting vaccinated is a death sentence. Eric is a saint when protecting his children. You are a “carnival barker” when watching your children. Eric, that’s victim-blaming. Viruses produce variations, and humans either contract them or do not. The narrative comes to a close.

According to Eric, if you are afraid of your children’s safety because of the unvaccinated, you should stay home. He continues to work, mingle, and travel across the nation for jobs and pleasure, indicating that he is unconcerned about his children. No amount of moaning on Twitter will alter that. They’ve been given every chance to get the vaccination, yet they refuse.