Email Shows Biden Ordered Afghanistan Evacuation Flights Be Filled With Unvetted Refugees

The Biden administration ordered evacuation planes to be “overloaded” with refugees who had not been adequately screened. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO.) made an internal communication public on Tuesday. “This instruction offers clear discretion and direction to fill seats,” according to an email sent to US officials involved in the withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 16.

According to an email acquired by journalist Robert Hawley, President Joe Biden gave orders to fill flights “even without screening” with Afghan migrants fleeing Afghanistan. Hawley received the email from a US official who was angered by the Biden administration’s inability to examine Afghan refugees before they were evacuated.

According to the reports in an email acquired by the Washington Post, the Biden administration planned to pull hundreds of personnel out of Afghanistan just weeks after the US military had left. The email, with the subject line “presidential direction,” is some of the most unmistakable evidence yet that the Biden administration skipped through normal screening processes.

Moreover, during a Senate hearing with Colin Kahl, the Pentagon’s undersecretary for defense policy and the officer chiefly responsible for overseeing the Biden administration’s failed evacuation, Hawley pressed the concerns.

Hawley said that they now know that they have severe vetting flaws with folks who have been brought into this nation. He added that around 6,000 Americans were evacuated and transferred to the United States, but it’s unclear how many more were SIVs.

Furthermore, Deputy Defense Secretary Colin Kahl told House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Robert Hawley that the number of Afghan refugees evacuated by the Biden administration was “a hodgepodge of many different categories.” According to Kahl, around 84 percent of the Afghans evacuated by President Joe Biden were considered dangerous under Taliban authority.