Elon Musk’s Mom Owns Sens. Warren And Sanders Over Tax Tweets

The Democratic obsession with how much other people pay in taxes got pummeled with spot-on and hilarious blowback from Elon Musk’s model and dietician mom, Maye. Far-left Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders might think twice before they shake the Musk family tree again.

In recent months, the pair have gone on social media rants bemoaning some of America’s wealthiest citizens for being intelligent enough to use the government’s tax code in their favor. Warren shrieked that the billionaire class “had a terrific pandemic” and specifically called out Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and undoubtedly the nation’s most forward-thinking industrialist.

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, likely bitter about the younger Musk’s tweet that he “keeps forgetting you’re still alive,” has repeatedly slammed the CEO for his tax bill or lack of.

Mama Musk was having none of that silliness.

In responding to an article on CleanTechnica extolling the easily verifiable truth about Musk’s taxes and that the US government made $11.2 billion disappear with its General Motors bailout, Mama Maye Musk posted, “You’re welcome @SenSanders @SenWarren.” Ouch.

Maye Musk is proud of her 2021 Time Person of the Year son and many took to social media to praise her for savaging his politically powerful critics. As she wisely observed, this esteemed pair would instead use their tax dollars to bail giant corporations out of their messes than promote an entrepreneur who provides the jobs for the tax base that make those bailouts possible.

Which begs the question, why do the Democrats sling so much hate against Elon Musk? President Biden’s first State of the Union Address did backflips praising GM and Ford for taking their first meaningful steps into the electric vehicle market while completely ignoring Tesla’s utterly dominant 74% US market share for EV sales for the past three years.

It’s simple. The United Auto Workers Union.

The US has never had a more pro-union president than Biden and the Detroit auto unions are terrified about the shift to EVs and away from internal combustion vehicles. Roughly 30% less labor is needed to roll a Tesla off the assembly line than traditional vehicles. Tesla and the battery factories that supply its electrical “fuel” are not unionized.

And when exactly was the last government bailout of Tesla?

Claims of the wealthy needing to “pay their fair share” may resonate with the far-left base, but they hardly reflect reality. The latest government data shows the top 1% of earners in the US pay roughly 40% of the tax bill.

Thank you, Maye Musk.