Elon Is Trolling And The Internet Is Rolling

Even if you’re not a fan of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, there’s no denying that he’s funny.

In his latest trolling episode, Musk pokes fun at CBS as they return to Twitter after just two days of taking a “twitter break”.

CBS announced on Nov. 18 that they were halting all usage of the platform due to the “uncertainty” under the new management. The “uncertainty” that CBS was referring to was likely the mass exodus that happened at Twitter headquarters last week following an email from Musk.

Musk gave employees until Thursday afternoon on Nov. 17 to sign off on an agreement that if they were to stay at the company, they would commit to working “hardcore” with long hours and high intensity.

Not so shockingly, many employees decided that working hard wasn’t for them and said sayonara. The Leftist media machine started pumping out its anti-Elon rhetoric and painted a dictatorial picture of him as a middle-of-the-night keyboard warrior demanding an unreasonable work ethic.

This was enough for CBS to initiate one of the Left’s favorite activities; virtue signaling. They must have figured everyone knows the masks don’t work by now and they’re not seeing enough Ukrainian flags on people’s profile pictures. It was time for the next thing.

Only this time, the virtue signaling didn’t take off and like a child who runs away from home, CBS quickly realized it was a bad idea.

After just 40 hours off of the platform, CBS announced they would be returning to usage but monitoring the situation carefully.

It seems this is not the first time CBS has “got it wrong”.

I suppose it’s only natural for this type of platform to test the waters and see what sticks. In this case, few followed suit and jumped the Twitter ship as CBS had hoped and Musk’s endeavor for a freely-speaking platform continues.