Elizabeth Warren Lives To Regret Her Lies About Inflation

The Democrat Party seems utterly incapable of being honest regarding inflation in the United States. They’ve tried to pass off every single lie, from claiming that inflation would only be “transitory” to later writing it off as “high-class problems.”

Even before inflation hit, the White House and Democrats were lying. They claimed that Republicans who warned about inflation to come from massive spending bills were merely getting in the way of “progress.”

Now, as it turns out, inflation is getting in the way of not only progress but also wage growth, the costs of living, and more. Inflation is making everything worse, yet Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren will not stop spewing misinformation even with this reality so clearly before everyone.

Warren’s latest claims about inflation have embarrassed her and prompted Americans to call her out accordingly, as TheBlaze reports.

In a letter to various grocery store CEOs, Warren faulted their companies for supposedly jacking up prices to turn a profit at the expense of struggling consumers. The Democrat senator fails to understand that grocery stores suffer from inflation and the supply chain crisis.

Many stores are struggling to keep their shelves stocked. Various products are becoming more expensive and harder to come upon. However, Warren has it in her head that grocery stores somehow banded together and decided to price gouge for the fun of it.

Many people across the nation took umbrage with such an outright mistruth and called out Warren. Twitter users explained that inflation happens when the government spends irresponsibly and then prints more money to compensate.

Other people on social media stated that Warren sounded like a communist with no accurate understanding of why prices are going through the roof right now. The far-left senator additionally took heat for failing to call out the root cause of inflation.

Unfortunately, Warren is not an outlier in spreading misinformation about inflation. Earlier this month, the White House came under fire for blaming “corporate greed” and meat suppliers for higher food prices.

No one in the Democrat Party (except Sen. Joe Manchin) can connect between heavy federal spending, money printing, and the subsequent inflation crisis.

As conservatives warned about spending bills, Democrats claimed these bills would stimulate the economy. The only thing federal spending bills have done for the economy is land it into crisis mode.

Even still, Democrats are relentless with their lies, ignorance, and misinformation.