Elizabeth Warren Has Just Shared a Doomsday Prediction For Democrats

In real time, the Democrat Party is falling to pieces. Today, the party remained led by a president who is historically unpopular with an increasingly questionable mental state.

On top of this, the policies Democrats have thrown their weight behind are failures. Rolling back former President Trump’s immigration laws achieved nothing other than an increase in drugs, human traffickers, and other problems appearing at the southern border.

Also, the American Rescue Plan and other spending packages that Democrats voted into law led to an inflation crisis. These spending packages are why the Federal Reserve put through an increase on interest rates. They’re also a factor in a projected 2023 recession.

With the midterm elections getting closer, it’s beginning to dawn on Democrats than they’re on a collision course. This is why Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has a new warning for the members of her party, according to The Blaze.

Breaking Down Warren’s Warning to Her Fellow Democrats

In an opinion article for the New York Times, Warren expresses her dismay at the projections that Republicans will win November’s elections.

Per the Democratic congresswoman, the only way her party can stop the incoming red wave is to “deliver” on greater parts of the left-wing agenda.

Specifically, Warren called for the Democrat Party to tackle climate change, make corporations “pay their fair share [in taxes],” put an end to congressional insider stock trading, and more.

The Senate Democrat then warned that time is of the essence and her party has a lot to do.

Another interesting part of Warren’s op-ed came when she called for Biden to rule via executive action. Of course, the senator phrased this by saying the president must take “decisive action” on all he can do without getting support from all 50 Democratic senators.

The Irony of Warren’s Op-ed

The clear intention of Warren’s op-ed was to rally the Democrat Party and help Democrats keep their hold on the House and the Senate. Yet, the content of Warren’s article is precisely why Democrats will lose both chambers.

Warren spoke about making corporations “pay their fair share,” yet, this always ends with taxes being passed down to the middle class. The congresswoman also blamed inflation on the war in Ukraine, rather than recognizing how left-wing spending packages caused prices to rise.

At the end of the day, Warren’s argument is that Democrats need to triple down on their radical socialist agenda in order to win the midterms. However, Americans have largely rejected this agenda, as demonstrated across countless polls.

This is why Republicans are gearing up for a massive red wave, come this November.