Editor At The Atlantic Students Stop Attending School Over Guns

A senior editor at The Atlantic has come up with yet another idea to attack the Second Amendment, once again using children as emotional weapons against lawmakers.

Gal Beckerman, a senior editor at left-wing news outlet the Atlantic, wrote a piece proposing a protest movement in which students refuse to return to school next fall until Congress enacts gun control legislation.

“Today, I’m left with one conclusion: The children and parents of our country need to take the summer to organize locally, build a set of national demands, and then refuse to go back to school in the fall until Congress does something,” he wrote.

Beckerman claimed that this movement would be enough to pressure lawmakers into taking action.

“One thing we’ve learned from the pandemic is that when children aren’t in school, society strains. This would make a strike an extremely powerful form of leverage,” he wrote.

“A walkout with enough students involved and taking place over days, not minutes, puts concrete pressure on officials, from the municipal level all the way up to Washington,” Beckerman added.

Not only will the campaign have an effect on Congress, the editor wrote, but it will also hurt American parents. Apparently, according to him, that would be a good motivator as well.

“When students aren’t in school, parents have difficulty getting to work,” Beckerman wrote. “Suddenly understaffed services—hospitals, subways—suffer the consequences. Politicians and local officials have a mess on their hands—children falling behind in learning, parents overloaded—and a strong incentive to accede to a demand.”

He then called on students, parents, and teachers to “mobilize” in planning this movement over the summer, from the logistics of the actual protest to the demands.

“What if students, parents, and teachers took the next three months to mobilize? They could create thousands of local committees supporting the strike and decide on what the national demand might be—say, an assault-weapon ban. They could figure out the mutual support and child care they would need to get through the days and maybe weeks it would take for Congress to act. They could bolster their commitment to one idea, one tactic. For the youngest children, parents would have to take the lead,” Beckerman noted.

All of this is in response to the mass shooting which took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, which left 19 children and two teachers dead. Since the incident, Democrats have ramped up their calls for gun control, though there is no indication that any of their policy proposals would actually do anything to curb gun violence. Democrat-run cities, which have the strictest gun-control policies, are some of the most violent areas in the country, especially since law-abiding citizens are stripped of their rights to self-defense.