Dutch Farmers To Protest Government Forcibly Seizing Farm Land

Johan Remkes, former Dutch Deputy Prime Minister, says that he plans to follow the advice of the government’s mediator to seize up to 600 privately-owned farms that are “polluting” the atmosphere with nitrogen gas from cows.

Remkes said that under the EU’s green agenda, “The Netherlands will be locked up because it will be legally almost impossible to issue permits. Not for houses, not for farms, not for roads. I write this with a heavy heart, but I see no other way. I don’t expect the agricultural sector will be happy with this report.”

Of course, farmers are not happy with the decision and the leader of the “Farmers Defence Force,” Mark Van den Oever, announced in turn that Dutch farmers would “once again take to the streets.”

While Remkes and the Dutch government are blaming the EU for the potential seizures, many others, including Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek, disagree.

“All these policies are out of those institutions and they are being implemented in our country first, we are sort of the pilot country together with Canada for this agenda,” Vlaardingerbroek said.

She went on to claim that the seizing of private land by the government had more to do with the EU’s migrant problem than its climate problem. She believes that the land is needed to house the millions of migrants that are making their way into the EU from Ukraine, Africa, and the Middle East.

Dutch farmers are not going to take this lying down, and they have shown over the past few months that they are willing to band together in protest against what they see as poor government policies. The tweet below shows remnants of a protest from July when farmers attempted to block roads with burning tires and manure.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte says that by 2030 The Netherlands will have to cut nitrogen emissions by 50% to align with the EU’s “natura 2000” scheme. That means that some farms would have to cut emissions by 95% and others would have to be shut down completely.