Drag Queen Story Hour Canceled When California Parents Protest

A “Drag Queen Story Hour” event in California was shut down on Wednesday after parents gathered to protest the event and prevented a man dressed up as a woman from entering the library.

The event was scheduled to take place at the San Fernando Library in San Fernando Valley, California — and was supposed to feature a drag queen who goes by the name “Pickle,” who describes himself on his Instagram as the “Drag Laureate.”

Upon arriving at the event, “Pickle” was met with a crowd of protesters. The man, who was wearing an all-pink outfit and sunglasses, was quickly surrounded by the protesters.

The crowd reportedly was made up of members of groups like Leave Our Kids Alone and Parents’ Voices of the Glendale Unified School District and included protesters holding several different signs — including one that read, “Our Kids, Our Consent.”

In a clip of the demonstration, the crowd can be heard chanting, “Leave our kids alone!”

The event was ultimately canceled because of the protest. Meanwhile, the left-wing media is attacking the protesters — with ABC7 describing the peaceful demonstration as “chaos” and explaining that this was the first time that one of “Pickle’s” events was shut down.

This particular drag queen has a history of pushing his agenda on children, claiming that “Drag Queen Story Hours” are “completely G-rated,” despite evidence to the contrary. In one video posted to his Instagram, “Pickle” can be seen reading to children while wearing extremely short and tight shorts which leave very little to the imagination.

In a November 2022 Instagram post, “Pickle” declared that he would continue to push drag on children until it is “so deep into the education system” that children will be unable to get into college without it.

“Going to start teaching drag in high schools. Going to start teaching drag in middle schools and elementary schools and advocate for this work until it’s one of the A-G educational requirements. I am going to push drag so deep into the education system that your kids won’t be able to get into college unless they know how to pull together a lewk and werk it out at a brunch,” he wrote.

Social media users spoke out in support of the parents’ protest, slamming the concept of “drag queen” events for children.

“Im so proud of these parents for standing up. Leave the kids alone,” one user wrote.

“These kinds of ungodly events need to be shut down everywhere. It’s a depraved celebration of perversity and an affront to real women, not one of ‘love and inclusion,’” another wrote.