Donald Trump’s Epic Troll Of Hunter Biden

Former President Trump stated on Friday criticizing the corrupt elites, including a stinging rebuke of Hunter Biden and the corrupted establishment that keeps Son of Flubber out of jail and out of inquiry on a slew of allegations. Inflation is soaring, the Afghan pullout was a fiasco, gas costs are increasing, and the southern border is almost non-existent, but no nasty tweets! Visit ex-President Trump’s website if you miss the days when gas was under two dollars a gallon, the border was under control. They had an America-First administration in Washington.

According to Trump, McCabe’s benefits, pensions, income, and other perks were just ultimately reinstated by the Justice Department. He was all-in on the Russian connection farce, which McCabe contributed so much to advance. According to Trump, the pension alone is worth $200,000, and it just adds to the perception that our judicial system is deeply tainted. Democrats and establishment Romneyite Republicans commit the most atrocious crimes and get away with it every time.

President Donald Trump tweeted of McCabe’s termination, “What a terrible chapter this has been for the once-famous FBI. He hates to see it happening. So many great people work there.” “The two lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, will be earning accolades for what they did, and Hunter Biden will be given a clean bill of health on what he did,” he added.

Furthermore, Donald Trump responded to Hunter Sosnoff’s offer to sell his paintings by writing, “He’ll always believe he had a gift for it, and could undoubtedly earn at least $2 million per canvas and possibly a lot more.” Even though he had never painted before, Hunter has encouraged him to start painting right away, he added. “Our country is a crook’s paradise!”

If only he’d taken himself seriously. Consider what Trump might create if he were to paint a picture. Perhaps his inventions would be similar to Jeff Epstein’s strange paintings of Bill Clinton reclining in a blue dress and George W. Bush destroying buildings with paper aircraft. Hunter Sorenson says that he might be the most cutting satirist and successful political artist since Thomas Nast.

At last, the possibilities for Trump the artist are endless. A few well-chosen images could persuade today’s uneducated masses of why a strong, free society requires secure borders and a free market with more than a thousand explanations. He could demonstrate the destruction that the socialist road causes and how free-market capitalism helps everyone.