Donald Trump Wins CPAC Endorsement

In 1985, the National Football League’s Chicago Bears were the overwhelmingly dominant team in the league. They had only one loss in the regular season. In their two playoff games, they won handily by scores of 21-0 and 24-0 to earn their spot in Super Bowl XX.

Back in March 2023, Donald Trump won the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) straw poll among probable GOP candidates with 59% of the vote. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was a very distant second at 20%. All other candidates had single-digit showings.

Fast forward to January 2024, and Donald Trump has won the formal Presidential endorsement of said same CPAC.

On their X account, CPAC wrote: “#CPAC endorses President Donald Trump for President of the United States. It’s time to bring back our country and freedom”
Add to this Trump’s recent support from all leadership figures in the United House of Representatives, coupled with his 30-point polling lead over all other GOP primary contenders and Trump appears the prohibitive favorite to represent the GOP in November.

The former president seems a lock to win all his playoff games in blowouts.

Nikki Haley and Gov. Ron DeSantis look like second-string players for a losing team down by 40 points in the fourth quarter. DeSantis was mockingly presented with a “participation trophy” by a man at a recent campaign event. He says to DeSantis: “you probably aren’t going to win this election.”

CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp spoke to reporters saying: “Now is the time to unite and support the candidate who best can accomplish what is needed to put America back on track.”

A CPAC endorsement is not a guarantee of winning the GOP Presidential nomination. However, it is seen as highly important as its members include key Republican lawmakers, and because of its connection to grassroots conservatives.

Hoping to destroy Trump’s candidacy, Democrats in various jurisdictions across the country have mired Trump in numerous civil and criminal charges over the past year. Their strategy may have backfired, however, as the charges have been perceived as a pretext to eliminate him as an opponent to President Biden. Trump’s supporters may have been spurred and motivated by what appears to be a “banana republic” style of persecution. The vote of confidence from CPAC demonstrates this.

Donald Trump’s campaign is the Chicago Bears of the 2024 GOP primary. The question that remains: can Trump close the deal and WIN in 2024 just as the Bears cruised to their victory in Super Bowl XX?

CPAC was founded in 1974 by the American Conservative Union and Young Americans for Freedom. It was intended to reinvent the party following the Watergate scandal. Ronald Reagan gave CPAC’s first keynote speech, which was the start of his status as a key player in Republican politics.