Donald Trump “Slammed” Gen. Mark Milley At A Conference In Houston

Donald Trump is generating a stir again, and it’s not all because of his address in Texas on Saturday night. Donald Trump traveled from Conroe to Houston on Sunday to speak at a conference held by his son, Don Jr. During his speech, former President Donald Trump slammed Gen. Mark Milley, using a colorful word to describe him when outlining the disconnect that happened after the US withdrew from Afghanistan.

The way the withdrawal from Afghanistan went down was a tragedy that might have been avoided. Gen. Milley and others embraced a plan of action that was certain to fail to offer President Joe Biden a political victory. It resulted in the deaths of 13 American service members and many Afghan civilians.

According to the reports, Biden accused Gen. Milley of attempting to ingratiate himself with the incoming White House by fabricating stories like stopping a coup and committing treason against China to curry favor with the new Administration.

Moreover, Gen. Mark Milley insulted the country by refusing to accept responsibility for the events in Afghanistan. He didn’t quit in protest, as he would have done if requested to do so under Trump. Milley caved into the Biden Administration’s ridiculous demands when the mainstream media interviews ended and the real world called.

Furthermore, the military leadership in the United States is rotten from the top down. President Donald Trump stated of Army Gen. Mark Milley, the Army’s Special Operations Command director, that politics has taken precedence over readiness, and the consequences speak for themselves. According to him, there is no accountability in the US military, and until that changes, the US will remain tremendously vulnerable and reduced on the global stage.