Donald Trump Is “Shaming” Governors Who Are Not Promoting Boosters

Despite having natural immunity from earlier infection, Trump wants every governor in the United States to report whether or not they have received a booster for the HPV vaccination. Trump is doubling down on pushing failing boosters at a time when even Europeans appear to be turning away from them. Is it his plan to campaign against his supporters?

Donald Trump, a Republican presidential candidate, has demanded that GOP governors report whether or not they have received an HPV vaccination booster. Whether you had it or not, you had to say it. But the reality is that he believes vaccinations have saved tens of millions of lives worldwide.

It sounds even more irritating than Mitch McConnell lecturing us on the polio vaccination or RINO Indiana Governor Holcomb insisting on booster shots. Trump’s promotion of boosters, even for individuals with inherent immunity, is strange at a time when even the NCAA is moving toward recognizing immunity from an earlier illness. Even more obnoxious is Trump’s decision to speak up now, when the shots appear to be failing the most, after remaining relatively silent for the majority of the year.

Moreover, even the European Medicines Agency has expressed concern that such a move would be costly. They caution that boosters may impair people’s immune systems, in addition to the known and unknown dangers of adverse effects. Has Trump looked at this issue? “A vaccination approach based on repeated booster doses of the initial vaccine composition is unlikely to be suitable or sustainable,” the WHO said this week.

According to Public Health Scotland, 85.8% of all cases in the last week of December were among the vaccinated. Despite Scotland’s excellent immunization rates, most new infections are among children and young adults. Case rates per 100,000 are almost 2.5 times higher in double-vaccinated people than in uninfected people.

Why is there no concern that the more shots one gets, the more negative efficacy (binding but not neutralizing antibodies) develops over time? Given that other data shows boosters wane even faster, why is there no concern that the more shots one gets, the more negative efficacy (binding but not neutralizing antibodies) develops over time? Because we know that the most susceptible phase is during the partly vaccinated period when the T-cells are reduced, but before the antibodies ramp up, the numbers are considerably worse than this data shows. Those who are entirely “unvaccinated” within 21 days of their initial injection are counted as fully vaccinated by PHS.

The boost’s fatality rates were substantially lower, but those who died within 14 days of receiving their third dose are counted among those who received two shots. The double-vaxxed are negative even against severe disease, and death shows that boosters are a risky game in the long term. How could Trump promote boosters with good conscience? For him, it’s not about science, optics, or politics.