Disney Launches A New ‘Pride’ Clothing Line For LGBTQ Children

On Monday, Disney introduced a new collection of pride-themed clothes and accessories for its LGBTQ youth amid the company’s clash with Florida over the Parental Rights in Education Law.

The new products in Disney’s pride line range from shirts and babywear to accessories like headbands and bracelets.

They also unveiled pride flag themed merchandise for different brands such as Marvel, Star Wars and Mickey Mouse.

The new clothing line and other items related to it are available in Disney shops, their online website and Disneyland theme parks.

Although Disney has been releasing pride-themed clothing every year since 2018, this year, the company officially changed the name of the clothing from the “Rainbow Disney Collection” to the “Disney Pride Collection”.

The company has also released a statement, claiming that all of the profits made from the clothing line’s sale until June 30 will be given to LGBTQ youth and their families as donation. This was new considering the company only donated a small fraction of their profits in the previous years.

Disney has been caught up in a controversy because of the entertainment company pushing the sexualization of young children and standing in opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law. In the event of non-compliance by school districts, the bill also authorizes the parents to sue them. Although the law is supported by most Americans, Disney continues to speak out against it.

The husband of the U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Chasten Buttigieg, claimed that this law could cause an increase in the suicide rate of LGBTQ children. He added that the bill would have an adverse effect on the mental health of children who are struggling with their sexuality or gender.

Supporters of the bill claim that Buttigieg’s argument is flawed as many children in Grade 3 are under 10 years of age and such young minds lack maturity to deal with complex issues, like changing their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Disney was accused of interfering with a democratic process. In April, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation dissolving “Randy Creek Improvement District”, an autonomous municipality operated by Disney. This measure increased taxes and regulations for the company.

Along with the announcement of the pride collection, Disney shared that most of its donations would go to organizations like GLENSEN and Zebra Coalition, who are the opponents of the bill as well.