Disney Is Looking At Major Layoffs

There was a time when Disney was a universally loved company that focused on telling children’s fairy tales with happy endings and no hidden agendas. Back then, there was no controversy associated with Disney. People of all backgrounds, demographics, and groups were more than thrilled to support this company.

However, trouble arose when Disney began wading into political waters and putting questionable content within its programs. Many parents raised alarm bells over Disney subjecting their children to inappropriate gender ideologies and sexual content.

Disney, rather than taking the hint, decided to double down and vowed to include more graphic themes in its shows and films. The company is doing so poorly now that layoffs are on the horizon.

More Bad News For Disney
Earlier this month, Disney CEO Bob Chapek informed higher-ups within the company of the impending layoffs. In fact, the company is having to make several changes to adjust after a recent earnings report confirmed an over $1 billion gap between financial expectations versus outcomes.

Not only will Disney start laying off workers, but the company is also putting a pause on making any new hires. Plainly and simply, Disney cannot afford the added expenses of onboarding new workers when the company is barely getting by as is.

In the email to company executives, Chapek said choices that are “tough and uncomfortable” are going to be made within the company very soon. Furthermore, the Disney CEO stressed that the process of the company going through this will require some notable adjustments.

As Disney looks to make spending reductions, executives will be reviewing expenses associated with travel, content, and marketing.

Disney’s major loss of income over time comes despite the company partnering with other big-name brands, such as ESPN+ and Hulu.

Go Woke, Go Broke
Had Disney not started forcing sexual content and gender ideology into children’s programs, it would be doing much better in terms of profits. Furthermore, Disney would not have alienated countless parents, many of whom are conservative or right-leaning.

On social media, Americans are reacting to the news about Disney’s upcoming layoffs. In this situation, the prevailing view is that Disney brought this on itself and now has to face the music.

During the height of the controversy over Disney involving itself in politics, at least one of the company’s shareholders advised Disney to steer clear. Needless to say, this advice fell on deaf ears.