Discarding Law Enforcement Makes Nightmare a Reality

Despite claims from the Democrat Party, they are very much on board with supporting crime while dismantling law enforcement.

To this very day, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MS) insists that law enforcement needs to become a thing of the past. Yet, ironically, Bush is also paying six-figure rates to have her own private security.

Democrats are still spreading lies about law enforcement and otherwise finding ways to make the jobs of police officers harder. Look no further than left-wing officials giving criminals no bail or letting them out of incarceration well before they’ve completed their sentences.

Unfortunately, these types of policies lead to nightmares involving high crime rates and overall feelings of hopelessness among decent, law-abiding people. According to American Thinker, the nightmarish results of dismantling law enforcement are already present in US society.

A Chilling Case Study Out of California

As a very blue state, California was all on board with defunding police departments and opening up jails for criminals to run amuck. People in the small town of Westminster are now seeing the real-life results of these policies.

The rate of aggravated assault has soared by 70%. At the same time, robbery in the community has gone up by 80%. Unfortunately, innocent people in the state who didn’t make these rules are still stuck living with the consequences of them.

During a Westminster city council meeting, the police chief explained that the chilling rise in crime boils down to a lack of policing in the community. There are still officers on the beat in Westminster; however, he needs more of them in order to keep the community safe.

Until more officers are available, crime is going to continue to grow as it has been.

Similar Problems in Other Cities

Westminster, California is far from an outlier in the crime problems it’s having. Other cities and states that chose to defund the police have subjected innocent people in these communities to harm.

In order to prevent future crime, law enforcement has to be brought back on. Policies that support criminal activity and give offenders a slap on the wrist have to go.

Ultimately, the best way of ensuring this happens is by voting in America First Republicans who will stand for law and order in communities. As long as anti-police, pro-crime Democrats are running the show, law enforcement and everyday civilians will continue to suffer.

Left unchecked, the Democrat Party will continue its work to completely erode police, along with law and order.