Disaster Mounts In Afghanistan And Joe Biden Takes His Foreign Policy Cues From Rodney King

While widespread opposition to the war in Afghanistan exists, President Joe Biden’s recommended solution, a rapid US exit accompanied by a 9/11 courtesy schedule for the Taliban’s convenience which is edging closer to being a nightmare for the United States. However, according to the Washington Post, US authorities would modify their intelligence estimate, which had predicted that Kabul would fall between six to twelve months. At the same time, one observer stated that everything is going the wrong way. According to some sources, the situation in Afghanistan is now worse than it was in June when intelligence officials predicted an imminent fall.

Moreover, Biden isn’t putting together any plans for anything. He’s steadfastly sticking to his course toward doom, making no adjustments to his course of action. Additionally, the Pentagon is crossing its fingers as well as asserting that no one conclusion is guaranteed. A policy of ‘wait and see’ that is not proactive is being followed. However, Biden refuses to back down and claims that he has no regrets about his sudden withdrawal. Biden told the reporters that America has spent over a trillion dollars over the last two decades, and 300,000 Afghan soldiers have been educated and modernized.

Additionally, he also highlighted that Afghan politicians must band together to combat the Taliban. Nonetheless, Biden has a habit of stealing words from more eloquent speakers. Biden’s remarks were similar and sounded like Rodney King’s “Can’t we all just get along?”

It is not the first time the Biden administration has behaved foolishly in the face of impending calamity. According to US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, consider the following: the Taliban would be labelled worldwide pariahs if they took control of Kabul via force. However, there will be no more invitations to United Nations cocktail parties if they lose their social standing among the global superpowers. The Taliban should be forced on the defensive as a result of this.

Furthermore, according to the US State Department, in Qatar, Khalilzad’s plan is to help in shaping a cohesive international response to Afghanistan’s rapidly deteriorating situation. In addition, the State Department also announced that his plans include pressuring the Taliban to halt their military offensive and explore a diplomatic settlement.

Is it possible that the Taliban is concerned about stability and development? They’re the Taliban, for crying out loud! Stability and growth have always been the farthest thing from their minds. The more chaos and devastation there is, the better it would be. In addition, The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the assassination of a Kandahar comedian and the assassination of the government’s media head in Kabul. Surviving people described oppressive restrictions on women and school burning. Thousands of civilians have been displaced to Kabul due to the increasing conflict, with many settling in parks lacking access to clean water.

Therefore, the Taliban is all in for not becoming a worldwide pariah and for stability and growth. And to add to the confusion and agony, the US is pitifully bombing the city from another country. One primary concern arises that Biden seems to know what he’s doing. His leadership seems like it will lead to disaster very soon.