‘Didn’t Obama Send You The Memo?’ Masks For Zoom Calls Are Back At The Biden White House

Mask hypocrisy has been a new humorous fascination in the United States. Journalists and politicians seem to think that as long as they have masks on for the cameras, they don’t have to follow their own rules or follow them too strictly.

During zoom calls, it’s probably not necessary or appropriate to wear a mask. Can we all agree with that? We can laugh, but it seems like a “compliance disorder” at this point. If Covid-19 can infect you through a computer screen, then no vaccine will save us now.

Former President Barack Obama set an example of what mask rules are acceptable, and we should all follow his guidance. Obama had a birthday party where nobody wore a mask on the dance floor or anywhere as far as we can tell. Though it was outside, it was in a tent, which is inside.

Mask efficacy has been in question for some time, and even the box that most boxes come in says it won’t work against most viruses. Though the company must add this fact, it’s still reasonable to question if the masks work and how much they can be relied on.

Masks mandates haven’t been proven to stop Covid-19 at all. Many who were religious mask wearers still came down with Covid-19. Masks are meant to block large particles when coughing or sneezing, and singular Covid-19 particles are much smaller than standard masks’ mask fabric gaps. It has been demonstrated numerous times. Masks are mental security that makes people feel safer than they are. It’s also a control technique used by politicians to control society and enact draconian measures. Just look at France. The police are going around asking individuals for their vaccine cards at restaurants after mask mandates were enforced. It’s a slippery slope of authoritarian power and will become law in the United States if unchecked.

President Joe Biden frequently loses his mask or doesn’t wear one at events or the podium, so why wear it on a zoom call? Just like usual, Twitter is bashing Biden and other politicians for their ridiculous mask antics.

We all know that before and after the zoom call was done, these people took their masks off like they always do. They’re hypocritical and don’t have a track record of following their policies or laws yet force others to do so.  

Twitter users responded, saying, win an actual election, de-platform all the disinformation sources, fix this country, or I’m moving back to Nigeria, open borders, and many others. My personal favorite, “How bout a meeting to discuss inflationary costs and housing prices?” 

Regardless of the user’s opinions, politicians can’t hide from social media and information distribution of 2021, but they still try.