Did The Biden Administration Just Reach Its ‘Breaking Point’ On The Border Crisis?

The Border in Del Rio at the Southern Border is getting more and more concerning by day after Biden cancels the “remain in Mexico” policy. More than 10,000 illegal migrants, mostly Haitians, have crossed the river and continue doing so. A refugee camp with deplorable conditions has been observed at the entry point from Mexico as the illegal migrants continue to swarm inside the territories.

While the right gets very uncomfortable with calling the massive illegal migration an invasion but that’s what it is. Tens of thousands of Haitians crossed the border, and that too from the main entry points and not in the middle of the desert. They are defying the border patrol and are fearlessly entering swamps, and we only wonder where Biden is as authorities get overwhelmed at the sheer number of migrants.

While it’s anticipated that the Biden Administration may have reached its breaking point, the Haitians are taking a bus all across Mexico to reach the border, which they are crossing without any repercussions. The Mexican government couldn’t care less about what’s happening after Biden’s abrupt cancellation of the “remain in Mexico” policy. The more complicated part is that the Haitians, though entering illegally, have chosen to take the main point of entry lined with border control instead of entering from the less risky desert area. Moreover, the Mexican government itself, at this point, is heavily overwhelmed at the sight of the caravans near the border, ending up with thousands of Haitians who somehow got to Mexico to cross into the US.

The individual-level illegal migration through remote parts of the border is one thing, but entering through the actual entry points in thousands sets up a trend of illegal migration in defiance of the border patrol. In all its charitable spirit, the US is in no position to handle or cater to such a devastatingly high number of migrants entering the country, trampling the Rule of Law. Hopefully, the Biden administration by this time may have acknowledged the reports and prepared to take strict action. However, nothing can be expected of them with Biden still out of sight, perhaps on another vacation, proving his terrible president.