Did Pelosi Attempt To Take Over The Chain Of Command Before Trump Left Office?

The Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley had to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding his call with the Chinese. General Milley denied having said anything inappropriate during his communications with the Chinese Military. Still, according to the Bob Woodward book, Milley had told the Chinese General that he would inform him beforehand if Trump had any plans to launch an attack on China. 

With the transcription of the call revealed, Milley defended himself by saying that military communications are essential to ensure the nation’s security and are a critical matter. He reassured that his loyalty lies with America and that everything he does is for the nation’s best interest and sanctity. 

Milley also talked about his call with Nancy Pelosi while Trump was still in the office. He stated that while he never suspected that Trump had ever planned an attack on the Chinese Military, the house speaker Nancy Pelosi had her doubts and made a call to Milley inquiring about the procedures of launching a nuclear attack. In his words, Pelosi was concerned that Trump might plan a nuclear strike before leaving office. In the words of Pelosi, “He’s (Trump) crazy. He’s been crazy for a long time”. Woodward’s book suggests that Milley agreed with Pelosi and assured her that he would do everything to stop Trump from doing such a thing. Now the book makes it sound like Milley tried taking matters into his hand, but the way Milley put it, Pelosi comes off as the one intending to take control of the matters. 

Pelosi was calling up the Joint Chief of Staff to inquire about the Nuclear attack procedures, and calling the President of the time a crazy person says a lot about her intentions. Milley may not have had to do much to make it seem so. He answered Pelosi that the President holds the sole authority of a nuclear launch but doesn’t launch them alone. As for the mental health of the President, Milley was not qualified to determine it. While he suggested that Pelosi expressed her concerns, he kept on reassuring her that there was no chance of an illegal, unauthorized or accidental nuclear launch. 

In the end, Milley denied any attempts to usurp President Trump’s authority and under oath. His entire testimony pointed suspicions towards Pelosi’s intentions of hopping onto the chain of Commands by showing repetitive concerns and speculations about the standing President’s intentions and questioning his mental health.