Did Merrick Garland Lie Under Oath?

It is terrible that Attorney General Merrick Garland has been dishonest with the American people and members of Congress. For obvious political reasons, he sent out a memo on this subject. The government’s claim that it has not and would not use anti-terrorism powers to investigate parents raises the question of whether he committed perjury. Congressman Jim Jordan, the Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican, recounts Garland’s congressional testimony that the Justice Department, as well as FBI, were not using terrorist laws and resources to “target frightened parents at school board meetings.” However, Garland stated that he couldn’t see a circumstance in which the Patriot Act would be used in cases where parents complain about their children. Moreover, he asked to let alone an event in which they would be labeled domestic terrorists.

To keep the country safe from terrorist plots and machinations since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the FBI’s National Security Branch was established with the Patriot Act, which was passed just a few months after the terrorist attacks. The Patriot Act gives the FBI’s national-security agents access to the same tools that criminal investigators have had for decades. Using the Patriot Act as a shorthand for “pen registers” and “trap and track” orders, the FBI director refers to these procedures in a document. Whistleblower information has been provided to the Judiciary Committee, who wrote a letter to the committee’s chairman.

The FBI’s new “threat tag” applies to any threats directed towards school board administrators, members, teachers, and employees. Jordan argues that law enforcement has used counterterrorism methods to respond to a left-leaning particular interest group. Jordan is overly concerned with the threat tag. A threat tag is neither a collection of investigative procedures nor necessarily means that they will be used in the investigation. All they’re suitable for is grouping together studies that have a common theme. Threats of violence or actual acts of violence that do not entail crimes of federal law are not subject to prosecution by the FBI. It’s a myth propagated by self-serving Education Inc. advocates that violence against school officials is rising. It would be a simple matter for state and local law enforcement to deal with.

It is reprehensible for the Justice Department to threaten parents by announcing an FBI and federal prosecutor inquiry. The Garland Justice Department and the Biden White House are trying to appease their hard-left constituency by insinuating that parental threats to pursue legal action against school boards may be regarded as violent threats by the feds. Democrat governments have a long history of using the courts to punish their political opponents. However, the FBI’s involvement in non-federal investigations without both reason and authority is ludicrous. When a threat tag is referred to, it signifies that the FBI is classifying all of its current investigations into one category.

In conclusion, the Obama-Biden administration’s trademark strategy, which has evolved into a standard operating procedure under President Joe Biden’s leadership, is discussed, threats to take unlawful action, and manipulation of inquiry systems. There are repercussions for the president and his advisers’ warnings that they intend to do something they are not authorized to do. The Obama-Biden administration has a history of making threats to do illegal activities. Threats issued by presidential regimes are rarely carried out. Therefore, progressive governments choke off the life of their citizens, as shown in this article.