Dick Morris: There’s A Good Possibility Of A “Clinton-Trump Race” In 2024 Election

Former President Bill Clinton’s closest advisor, Dick Morris, predicted that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will run against one other in 2024. If Democrats lose control of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections, Morris believes there’s a good chance Americans will see a rematch between Clinton and Trump.

“Hillary has devised a superb plan that no one else can match,” adds Morris. Knowing the individuals, she surrounds herself with. It is believed only her husband, Bill, is capable of that level of thought. “As soon as the election is over, every Democrat is going to take a shot at Biden and Harris,” one Democrat added. Morris goes on to say that they’ll be dead on arrival.

Moreover, Democrats should concentrate on capturing seats “not just in deep-blue districts where a Democrat and a liberal Democrat, or so-called progressive Democrat, will win,” she argues. “It means nothing if they don’t have a Congress that will get things done” and if the White House isn’t “sane, sober, stable, and productive,” according to the President.

According to former Senator Dick Morris, Hillary Clinton has helped establish a “zero-sum game” where the worse Joe Biden fares, the better she does. “In the Democratic Party, the person who laid out the territory first and owned the grass is going to be Hillary,” Morris says. According to a Wall Street Journal op-ed, poor poll numbers for Biden and Kamala Harris might open the door for another Clinton candidacy.

According to Politico, Hillary and Bill Clinton have a “perpetual yearning” to reclaim their place in the Democratic Party, which “will never go away.” According to the source, the Clintons see an opportunity to capitalize on intraparty bickering between moderates and progressives. “The Clintons intend to reposition the pieces after resetting the board in their favor.”

On Saturday, former US President Donald Trump conducted his first rally since July, dubbed a “soft-launch” of his next presidential campaign by some newspapers. Hillary Clinton was elected President in 2016, although she lost the popular vote to Donald Trump, who won the Electoral College by nearly three million.