DHS Sec. Mayorkas Hot With Scorching Letter

Democrats and Republicans agree for once on border security. Alejandro Mayorkas received a joint letter from both parties expressing their frustration with the southern border and suggestions for an executive position to assist in the border crisis.

The last thing the United States needs is more federal employees. With Joe Biden’s administration, they can’t manage the employees they have. Nobody can agree, and when plans are executed, they generally fail.

Despite being in charge of border security, Kamala Harris is too busy campaigning for California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall election. Harris made a pitiful attempt to halt border crossing by visiting the border. Wait, sorry, that was Central America. While telling immigrants not to come to The United States, she still hasn’t done anything to help the border crisis. In fact, with her ignoring the border, she’s made it much worse.

Instead, the feds have decided to keep their actions under the radar by shuffling illegal immigrants across the country to hotels and military facilities. It is done with taxpayer dollars, and we’re all paying for it.

The letter addressed to Mayorkas explained that the border crisis is not political and isn’t a temporary issue or going away any time soon if action isn’t taken. The letter outlines the 180,000 border crossings in June.

For once, Democrats and Republicans come together in a bipartisan attempt to make changes because Americans aren’t happy. Slowly but surely, things will change to the middle of the political aisle as most elected leaders get fed up with Biden’s administration handling of critical issues and hopefully want to hold him accountable. Enter suggests that Jah Johnson become the new border czar because of his previous position as United States Secretary of Homeland Security and his bipartisanship in Batak Obama’s administration and Donald Trump’s administration.

The call to action is requested to occur swiftly because the border patrol is seeing more than just southern immigrants entering the United States. To see migrants from Central America and Mexico is a security threat enough, but to see the whole world entering the southern border is a huge security issue.

With Biden so fixated on Covid-19 vaccinations, he’s doing his best to turn heads away from the border because he doesn’t have any intention of stopping it. Biden knows that he would have to admit incompetence if he approved the appointment of Johnson, and Biden and Harris’ approval rating would tank even more than it already has.