Desperate Jen Psaki Claims Republicans Are Supporting Inflation

Inflation is at its worst in American lives, and even the White House can not ignore it any longer. Just a couple of weeks ago, Biden was very confident in his words when he said that no one would wish to trade this year’s Thanksgiving with last year, but it seems he had to re-evaluate his words. Last week, he asked the Americans if they had ever thought they’d have to pay this much for gas. He wanted to get the people on board with his Build Back Better agenda to fight inflation which apparently does not cost ascent but is yet to be determined by the Congressional Budget Office.

In response to the ongoing inflation, Senator Rick Scott referred to it as a gold mine for the GOP. He was referring to this comment of his to the upcoming midterms in 2022. He meant that the voters who brought the Democratic party into power would be voting against them this time for getting them a crappy economy.

Jen Psaki never misses seizing any opportunity to ridicule the GOP and took the exact comment of Rick Scott, “This is a gold mine for us,” to mean that the Republicans are rooting for inflation. Of course, she is facing backlash for this ridiculous manifestation of Scott’s tweet. People remind her of who took American taxpayers’ money, called off the Keystone Pipeline, or even opened up the borders. Inflation has reached a 31-year record high in American history, yet Psaki dares to call Republicans to support inflation. If anything, she should be ashamed of herself and the administration for letting this happen and leaving Americans with high gas prices as the holiday season approaches.