DeSantis Reveals Temporary Fix On Bridge For Crews To Cross

The Sanibel Causeway that connects the island with the mainland, was temporarily repaired and convoys of trucks and workers drove across on Tuesday to begin repairing the power grids in Sanibel and Captiva.

The bridge was destroyed during Hurricane Ian as can be seen in the tweet below:

Just two weeks after the powerful storm made landfall in Lee County, this next tweet reveals the pictures that are coming to light today of a bridge that, while not fully renovated, is ready to take on the traffic needed to provide help to Sanibel.

According to “Bay News 9” in Lee County, “The temporary repairs to the bridge is allowing more than 200 bucket trucks, 150 line and pickup trucks towing 50 trailers and 2 tractor trailers to move onto the island, along with additional first responders to cross the bridge and aid in recovery efforts while final road repairs are underway.”

The way that Gov. DeSantis has handled this natural disaster could be a blueprint for other governors and leaders throughout America. Fixing the bridge was the first step, and he accomplished that in days.

On top of the repair to the bridge, Gov. DeSantis also reported that 99% of people in the state of Florida have had their power restored after the storm. WPTV reports, “Speaking in Daytona Beach, Gov. Ron DeSantis said only parts of Lee County are still powerless, including Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach, which will both require complete rebuilds of their electrical infrastructure. ‘They’re 100% in almost every part of the state,’ DeSantis said. ‘There’s a couple pockets that the electrical co-op in Lee County are still working on.’”

When the storm first hit, some on the left used it as a political tool to bash DeSantis’ views on global warming and his ability to manage a disaster on the scale of Hurricane Ian. He has responded in a way that has not only made him more popular with Republicans, but it has also shown him to be a capable leader willing to cross the aisle when needed.

Even President Biden, much to the chagrin of other democrats, praised DeSantis saying, “I think he’s done a good job. we have very different political philosophies, but we’ve worked hand in glove.”