DeSantis Punches Back As Biden Administration Tries To Undermine His School Mask Order Protecting ‘The Rights Of Parents’

The Biden Administration has constantly been pushing for the mask mandates to be officiated in schools. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in complete opposition to Biden, and his administration is continuing to undermine him.

DeSantis has stated on multiple platforms that he aims to provide complete freedom to the parents of minor children to decide whether or not their child should wear a mask in schools. He even issued an order that mandates all schools to respect the parents’ choice and not force them otherwise. DeSantis has not once mentioned that he rejects the mask mandate but ensures the rights of the parents to choose for themselves. Almost all of the school districts in Florida have abided by DeSantis’s orders. Despite this, only two states have elected to follow the federal mask regulation and need a medical certificate if parents don’t want their child to wear a mask.

In response to DeSantis’s orders, the federal government has sent a threatening letter stating that they will conspire directly with the FLDOE, undermining the DeSantis governance or, in other cases, with the schools now that are willing to go by the federal orders. The Biden administration is set to take away the constitutional rights of the people.

As reported by Blaze, DeSantis is all set to have it his way and threatened to withhold the salaries of the school’s administrations if they do not adhere to his instructions. It might seem extreme, but not as much as Biden administration is going, meddling with the operations of a state directly, proving how low they can go. Though the administration claims that DeSantis’s way is putting the children and teachers at risk, there is no substantial proof available. Governor punched back by saying that the Federal government should be embarrassed for stealing so low to undermine him. The media and the Democrats are terrified of DeSantis. Not to forget, other states in the southern region are opposing the federal order. Still, they are not facing any remorse from the government.