DeSantis Celebrates Banning Zuckerberg’s Election Meddling As A Win For Safe And Secure Voting

On Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis reiterated Florida’s commitment to election integrity and preventing Big Tech from interfering in state and local elections. According to the reports, they were very much tuned into this from the beginning of his administration and ensured they didn’t have duplicates of what they’ve seen throughout this state. 

New Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) says he has faith in the state’s elections because of a law that forbids foreign meddling in elections, even by Silicon Valley behemoths like Facebook and Twitter. In a news conference on Tuesday, the Republican declared, “We banned Zuckerbucks.” He added that local elected officials should run elections, not private IT moguls who come in and effectively hijack the election apparatus.

Local and state positions were primarily granted “Zuck Bucks” based on partisanship. The organizations asked that universal mail-in voting be promoted and more possibilities for “ballot curing” and other susceptible electoral techniques. They’d demand that specific things be done, such as bulk postal balloting and ballot harvesting, and they’d primarily focus on partisan voter participation. The governor stated that this was very unacceptable.

According to a Federalist editor, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aided the Democrats in gaining control of crucial battleground states by funneling millions of money to leftist nonprofits operating political get-out-the-vote operations. According to the report, he also sent substantial funds to these groups to enter election headquarters in crucial swing districts.

This unethical Big Tech activity, he argued, is intolerable and necessitates more than a ban. He also said they need to make sure that if we witness somebody breaking the law, there’s a simple method to report it and bring them to justice.