Dems Come Up With A ‘Desperate Strategy’ To Divert Blame For Their Failures

It’s not a good moment to be a Democrat, especially if you’re Joe Biden’s or Hillary Clinton’s party. Over the last six months, everything has fallen apart in ways that didn’t seem imaginable. Sure, some decline had to be expected from the ruling party, but to this level?

Inflation is a significant concern for Americans, with January’s figure reaching a new multi-decade high. Meanwhile, Russia is poised to launch a massive war in Europe. Afghanistan has devolved into a terror state. The border is in shambles, and COVID-19 has killed more people under Joe Biden than the last President, despite vaccinations being available. When things go wrong, the ruling party becomes desperate. That’s the gist of the Democrats’ newest attempt to escape criticism for their failures. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) gave an excellent illustration of what that looks like on Friday.

According to Rep. Steve Scalise, it’s not only insultingly ridiculous given the power dynamics, but it also ignores the fact that Democrats won’t listen to anything Republicans recommend anyhow. That hound, to use a Southern idiom, “won’t hunt,” he says. Republicans are responsible for proposing answers to issues that the Democrats have created (and continue to cause).

Moreover, many Republicans have pleaded with Biden to rein in his spending spree, dating back to the doomed American Rescue Plan. What has Biden’s answer been? He halted the construction of the Keystone XL project and tightened regulations on federal oil leases. It isn’t even accurate that Republicans haven’t proposed remedies in most cases. They’re merely ideas that the Democrats don’t want to put into practice.

Therefore almost every decision taken by the Biden Administration has been terrible and counterproductive. Things can undoubtedly worsen, with the economy facing a severe recession soon due to upcoming interest rate raises. It feels good to be on the other side of this. Republicans were floundering around in 2018, unable to deliver a hit. In the end, Democrats own last year’s outcomes, and as the midterm elections approach, that narrative will only strengthen.