Democrats Who Were Anti-Vaccine Under Trump Are Now Anti-Vaccine

The same leftists who expressed wild mistrust of the Covid-19 vaccine when President Trump was in office and administering the program now mock conservatives and Trump supporters as conspiracy theorists if any questions are raised.

Operation Warp Speed was inextricably linked to President Trump, with Kamala Harris casting the most public doubt on the program and the president.

During the vice-presidential debate last October, Harris said, “If Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it.” In an earlier interview with CNN, she said, “I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump, and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about. I will not take his word for it.”

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden stated, “I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump. And at this moment, the American people can’t, either.”

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo cast public aspersions on the vaccine and the Trump administration, even as he was concealing his failings leading to the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers. Cuomo said last October, “I don’t believe the American people are that confident. I think it’s going to be a very skeptical American public about taking the vaccine, and they should be.”

After six months of the Biden Administration, everything has changed for Democrats in Washington. The White House is now testing the waters to launch a door-to-door publicity campaign around the country to promote the vaccine.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner observes that the change in attitude among Democrats is solely linked to the outcome of the last election. If the election had gone the other way, the Democrats would still be critical of the vaccine and nationwide implementation.

The major corporate media outlets now express grave concern about conservative hesitancy and are blaming Republicans in advance for failure to reach herd immunity benchmarks.

The New York Times published an article in March titled “Far-Right Extremists Move From ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop the Vaccine” says that, “If the so-called Stop the Steal movement appeared to be chasing a lost cause once President Biden was inaugurated, its supporters among extremist organizations are now adopting a new agenda from the anti-vaccination campaign to try to undermine the government.”

Never mind that vaccine hesitancy is well-distributed among both major political parties, as well as racial and ethnic designations. The Democrats and their compliant media will gladly ignore the facts and the history of their vaccine criticism to score any political points they think are available.