Democrats ‘Sink Into Delusion’ After Joe Manchin Crushes Their Hopes And Dreams

Last night, Sen. Joe Manchin put a price tag on his suggested “pause” for the Democratic reconciliation proposal. Rather than $3.5 trillion in inflation-inducing expenditures, the West Virginia senator proposes a one-trillion-dollar budget. The next question is how Democrats would respond, and people could all agree that it will be unsatisfactory.

Moreover, Democrats argue in the Senate that $3.5 trillion is the minimum for spending. That is an absurd assertion, but that is where they are. No amount of internet troll-baiting would alter the Senate’s dynamic. Before 2022, House Democrats must establish themselves as moderates. However, a $3.5 trillion measure may not even receive 49 Senate votes, as Kyrsten Sinema has remained mute following her initial opposition. It has not deterred efforts to demolish the filibuster. As if the majority on the left are unaware that people can’t blow it up without the opposition of two senators.

Democrats have resorted to delusory illusions, including blackmail, with little result. It is from the party that cried foul as well as impeached a president over a phone call. However, they embrace unlawful blackmail if it advances one of their political objectives. In addition, the reality is that Democrats have no path forward in this position without making substantial concessions to Manchin. According to Tlaib, asserting that $3.5 trillion is the limit equates to claiming that there is no floor since if she and her colleagues continue down this path, no bill will be approved at any price. However, if they do not follow this course of action, their far-left supporters will revolt. Democrats are pretty justified in playing hardball with the very people who will be required to support any form of their plan.