Democrats Sink In Battleground States While Americans Wonder Who Is Running The Country

The governor’s race in Virginia is shaping a fight between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin. If Youngkin wins or even comes close to winning, it will have far-reaching consequences for Democrats in 2022. Two new surveys should add to Democrats’ concerns about 2022, as they face an uphill struggle for the White House.

Joe Biden’s capacity to be President of the United States is viewed as untrustworthy by 58% of Americans. Only 27% said they have complete faith in his abilities to accomplish his job. Joe Biden’s image as a weak or ineffectual President will not help.

Only 17% of Republicans and 56% of unaffiliated voters believe President Joe Biden is physically and intellectually capable of serving as president, while 72% of Democrats believe he is. 76% of Republicans are skeptical about Biden’s ability to fulfill his presidential responsibilities.

66% of the wealthiest Americans said they have faith in Biden’s physical and mental abilities to serve as president. Only those who identify as Democrats are more likely to believe this. Only 38% of people feel Biden is setting the plan, while 53% say others make choices for him behind the scenes. Even black Americans, who have historically favored Biden’s performance in Rasmussen polls, only approve 54% of the time.

According to the reports, Biden has a net approval rating of -27, with just 21% strongly approving and 48% disapproving of his job performance. To make matters worse, Biden is having trouble swaying so-called persuadable voters, who are undecided but may be persuaded to vote Democratic. The speech also demonstrated that the White House’s economic narrative is not resonating with Americans. Only 30% of those questioned believed the economy had improved during Biden’s leadership.

Moreover, the economic downturn, supply chain constraints, and inflation wreak havoc in Senate battleground states. In these states, Biden has a 41% approval rating, with 52% disapproving. Only 27% of persuadable voters approve of the president’s job performance. If Biden is down in the polls moving into the election year, Democrats will find it challenging to maintain a 50-50 Senate majority.

Furthermore, Joe Biden’s first two years in office are expected to be similar to those of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who saw his party wiped out in the 2010 midterm elections. Americans are expected to accept a slew of social services that no one requested. It wasn’t a famous formula in 2010, and it doesn’t appear to be popular now.