Democrats Require Systemic Bigotry To Exist So Much, They Fake It!

Five people dressed in baseball hats, tan slacks, white shirts, and black sunglasses stood before Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s bus during a campaign stop on Friday with tiki torches. “We’re all in for Glenn,” the group allegedly screamed, evoking memories of the fatal fight between white supremacists and counter-protesters at the 2017 Unite the Right event.

The Charlottesville, Virginia, Unite the Right demonstration turned out to be a hoax. Democrats quickly seized the rally as an opportunity to demonstrate that their opponents’ political base was rooted in white racism. Christina Freundlich, a spokesman for former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, stated, “This is who Glenn Youngkin’s fans are.” Some of the demonstrators were recognized as Democratic operatives who had hidden their internet identities. Even though Democrats conducted the action, the organization behind it said it was opposing “the Republican Party’s adoption of such ideals.”

According to Julian Zelizer, Virginia Democrats are anxious to stick to the concept of systematic racism to mobilize the radical base and frighten voters. Never mind that it was Joe Biden who was backed by Richard Spencer, the genuine neo-Nazi who planned the 2017 Charlottesville event. According to Zelizer, the shenanigans in Virginia are just another example of false-flag racism and, in the process, reverse racism.

Furthermore, after more than a century as the party of slavery and segregation, Democrats have embraced a new type of systematic racism in their race-baiting techniques. The Democrat Party’s commitment to eradicating racism has grown so strong that admitting to reality on the topic would mean preceding a valuable electoral tool. The nation’s fixation on race is a result of Democrat manipulation. With an exclusively racial lens, a whole generation is pre-programmed to seek instances of racism. Only 43% of white people and 33% of black adults believe their relationships are “extremely” or “very” excellent.

The Lincoln Project’s fake photoshoot to portray Youngkin as a symbol of white supremacy reveals Democrats’ desire for institutional racism to continue, argues Julian Zelizer. Democrats have begun to stage repulsive photo-ops out of desperation to establish the ideal narrative they profess to be “warriors” in deconstructing.