Democrats Keep Using January 6 To Grab Unprecedented Power

The six-month anniversary of the January 6 riot at the Capitol building has just passed, and the hyperbole, fear, and loathing poured out daily by the Democrats and the media seem just to be getting started.

Christopher Bedford wrote at The Federalist on July 8 about the frequently ridiculous security and alarm charade that Democratic lawmakers and the sympathetic corporate press have been carrying on. Also, how it has sadly progressed from being amusing to a serious matter for the people caught up in prosecutions and the future of Democratic secrecy and unbridled power.

First, the ridiculous:

Bedford describes various shock-jock tactics of pundits still afraid of sleeping with the lights off.

Joy Reid and a guest on MSNBC wailed, “Jan.6 was worse than 9/11.” Reporters for Vice cried, complained of insomnia, and a fear of going back to work. Journalists have formed support therapy groups, and one has donated his suit, for some reason, to the Smithsonian Institute.

Nancy Pelosi called January 6 “one of the darkest days in our nation’s history.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed tearfully days later that she was in fear for her life. However, she was not in the Capitol at the time of the riot but was at her office minutes away through a secure underground walkway.

Then, the sublime:

Capitol Police and the FBI continue to seek informants who will identify persons present at the Capitol on January 6. Several of the hundreds of pending prosecutions remain in solitary confinement and denied repeated requests for bail. Despite the Constitution’s guarantee of a speedy trial in every criminal case, no problems have even been scheduled.

The government still refuses to identify the officer who shot the only person killed during the events of January 6.

Despite early reports from the corporate press that Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick was beaten to death, no retractions of that falsehood have been forthcoming.

Even though a bipartisan Congressional report found that the Capitol Police failed in the mission of protecting the Capitol, the department is not reflecting on internal corrections or improvements. Instead, it plans to expand operations into states around the country far away from the ground it is charged with protecting.

Democrats, courtesy of Rahm Emanuel, are famous for borrowing Sir Winston Churchill’s advice never to let a good crisis go to waste. In the case of the events of January 6, they are showing their willingness never to let an insurrection that wasn’t an insurrection go to waste.

The more the fear machine continues to find a cooperative press, the more we can expect the cries for more security, prosecutions, and intelligence gathering against American citizens to continue.