Democrats Emphasize Losing Leftist Approach to Latino Voters

Democrats are having a difficult time getting traction with Hispanic voters as the crucial midterm election season sets in. Desperate to salvage support from a historically reliable demographic that is steadily slipping away from them, they have predictably decided to double-down on losing leftist tactics.

Democrats appear to have decided to scrap their dumb “Latinx” term for Hispanic voters, realizing that it is nothing more than a virtue signal created by white liberals that alienates Hispanics. Unfortunately for Democrats, they have gone even further to the left with the name for the party’s new “signature outreach program” aimed at attracting Latino voters.

The Democrat program is called “Adelante,” which is Spanish for “onward” or “upward.” While that term might have some appeal out of context, in reality it comes with baggage. Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro famously used “¡Adelante!” and “¡La Revolución Seguirá Adelante!” as revolutionary slogans when he was bringing the alleged utopia of communism to the island nation decades ago.

When Castro took power in Cuba in 1959, the communist revolutionary newspaper founded there the same year was named Adelante.

The DNC announced its new Latino outreach program last Wednesday with slick graphic design concepts aimed at urging voters to move “adelante con los Demócratas.” The campaign materials also depict some of Castro’s historical communist revolutionary propaganda.

Some parts of the Democratic Party appear to have enough self-awareness to realize how poorly “woke” marketing terms like “Latinx” performed with Hispanic voters in 2020. Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly felt that the party repelled some Hispanics recently with “loose talk of socialism.”

If the radical socialists and progressive who hold positions of power in the DNC were as aware of actual trends, they might consider recent polling trends. Democratic pollsters Equis Labs found recently that around 40 percent of Latino voters are concerned about the socialist direction the DNC is taking.

However, the powers that be in the DNC still seem confident that the solution to the poor results provided by “Latinx” is to openly embrace the Western hemisphere’s most notorious communist revolutionary.

Republicans may find the most effective way to attract Latino voters for this year’s midterm elections is to simply sit back and let the DNC and Biden administration keep rolling out losing socialist slogans and ideas.