Democrats Didn’t Misinterpret The Nation’s Disposition, They Totally Disregarded It

Democrats have been left shocked with the loss of Virginia, wondering how the state slipped through their hands. Terry McAuliffe was projected to win the elections considering Virginia is a Blue State, and he and the Democrats have been hand in hand. Although they did everything they could to prevent people from voting Republican Glenn Youngkin, using all dictionary words, blaming him for racism, and calling him a Trump clone. 

Despite using all types of buzzwords and pushing every hot button issue towards him, it was simply not enough for the nation. According to CNN, the Democrats greatly misjudged the nation’s mood. CNN reported that the Democrats need a reckoning of where they went wrong. While the entire party has been busy pushing for the social spending plan, the Republicans have been focusing on the real issues at hand like the crippling economy and rising taxes, high gas prices, expensive groceries, crime rates, and parents’ concerns over what is being taught in schools. 

CNN is wrong about one thing here, and the Democrats did not misjudge. Instead, they ignored what the Americans have been trying to tell them for a long time that they are not happy with how Biden is running things. With the falling polls and, Let’s Go, Brandon chants and whatnot, it has been pretty clear that the Americans are not happy. 

McAuliffe blindly followed the leftist playbook like a good party-line Democrat and went on to bash parents’ concerns for what was being taught in the high schools. Democrats thought promoting narcissism and explicit content in the libraries would lead them to become future liberals. Parents of all races and ethnicities disapproved, leading to parents showing up in high schools. It is one such example of what went wrong in Virginia. The state that had not seen a Republican governor since 2009 will now see a GOP stronghold. It’s about time for the Democrats to wake up and look at the accurate picture.