Democrats Did Us A Huge Favor

Lest we feel irreparably disillusioned about the future of our Republic as the New Year begins, consider this: “Slow down,” you tell yourself. Why? Joe Biden has done a favor to most voters (vs. citizens) who are independents and conservatives. The Karl Marx Book Club elites and grandchildren of the Yippies, including Obama, Rice, Pelosi, etc. They have led us to places we never thought possible. In the spotlight, they show the world how nutty socialism is, with its expectations of the masses. After all, they know better.

More debt, fewer prosecutors, millions of illegals crossing the southern border, fewer law enforcement officers, solar and wind energy, fear of COVID, fear of global warming (climate change), teacher unions in charge of public education, the list goes on.

All in one year, the 245th of our Grand Republic. Unbeknownst to us, the Democrat “woke wing” has done us a favor. The majority of voters believe those in charge of the public’s business are making decisions in their best interests as they raise their children, work, and care for their families. Civics and government are subjects they learned in school (back when they were taught) and are not front and center in their daily lives. Polls show widespread dissatisfaction with the year-long deception of both major political parties and independents. They see a federal government that is simply not working for them.

The unrest and disgust over what an administration that marketed itself as a “unifier” has done are not theoretical. Real. We got our civics lesson. Republicans are expected to sweep the board in November. The House will turn red while the Senate gains seats (tougher going there). Conservative Republican candidates in state and local races will follow the Virginia governor’s lead.

Republicans have a golden opportunity to seize control and win over independents and Democrat voters, not just in November but for years to come. They’ve blown it before, but not now. Too much is at stake. Rare are the cycles when such a chance arises. We can thank Scranton’s Wonderboy for years.