Democrats Continue To Lose Ground In Texas As Hispanic Voters ‘Turn Their Back’ On The Left

Biden is losing support in Texas as numbers recede while Republicans grab every opportunity to gain their support. It turns out Biden’s attempts to gain minority votes may have won him the elections but with a minor difference to Trump. The recent stats show that the minority communities that voted for Biden due to some of the policies he proposed to their benefit have started to understand his blatant lies and deceiving words.

Biden’s oversight was that he treated all minorities alike without understanding their differences which in real terms is racist. Biden and his administration thought that gaining the vote of some of the Texas minorities would win him the next elections, but it did not turn out to be quite as he imagined. The Hispanics particularly seem to have issues with the Democrat’s liberal narratives that come in their conservative ways. Republicans seeking the opportunity have seized their chance to seed into the Texan minorities and offer conservative policies like strict abortion rules, voting laws, defended gun policies, promoting the oil and gas industry, etc. Republicans treated the minorities as an individual community rather than a homogenous group which Biden failed to do and is now losing supporters tremendously.

Biden’s short-sightedness prevented him from looking at the bigger picture and made decisions based on one size fits all. The needs of minorities from Texas can not be compared to those from California or New York. Texas was once considered a Democrats stronghold, but the ball may have shifted to the Republicans’ court now as they pitched in specific laws suiting the minorities there. The Biden administration may have had a stronghold on the Hispanics. Still, the Southern border policies ruined his reputation amongst the Hispanics settled around the border that suffered significant loss due to the pouring migrants from the border.

Biden may still have a chance at winning back the minority vote as long as he treats them as a community and implies proper management.