Democrats Are Trying to Cheat Their Way Into Winning the Midterms

Since Joe Biden got into office, every move made by the Democrat Party has set them up to lose the November midterm elections.

Democrats put the first parts of America’s energy crisis in motion when the Keystone XL Pipeline was shut down. Then, when gas prices rose, Democrats claimed the underlying culprit was oil and gas companies.

Last year, Biden and his allies in Congress passed one spending bill after the next that created today’s inflation crisis. Then, when Democrats were called on this, they said that large companies were just being greedy and running up their prices for no reason.

On top of this, Democrats have been losing support from minority voters as Republicans make inroads with them. Now, midterms are months away and Democrats are sounding the alarm about the impending losses coming their way.

According to PJ Media, Democrats are so desperate that they’re now trying to pull off various cons to avoid a massive red wave.

The Two Cons Every American Should Know About

In Democrats’ fear of being booted from congressional power, their two strategies involve amping up their control over the lives of the American people and then scaremongering over COVID to justify this control and alter election laws.

The first move to increase control over Americans’ lives became evident earlier this week when the Biden administration announced its choice to appeal the removal of the travel mask mandate.

Likewise, left-wing scaremongering is apparent as Democrats claim they need just a little more time to study new variants. While they failed to pass elections takeover bills (such as The For the People Act), this doesn’t mean Democrats won’t try more tricks on election night.

Many blue states have already enacted measures that mirror what Democrats wanted to federally implement with the For the People Act. This means American can count on blue states delaying the vote count, claiming they need more time before releasing election results, etc.

Other Tricks Along These Lines

The two obvious cons are far from the only tricks Democrats have employed in their desperation to hold power no matter what.

For a fair amount of time, Democrats have been shouting from the rooftops that voter ID laws are racist and discriminatory, alleging minorities can’t get any acceptable forms of identification. Yet, ID is needed to fly on an airplane, open a bank account, pick up medicine prescriptions, etc.

At the same time, the left continues to spread lies about the various election integrity laws that have been passed in red states.

There is no doubt that Republicans have momentum, public support, and polls on their side heading into the midterms. However, it’s still important for Americans to be vigilant as November gets closer.