Democrats Are Putin’s Climate Change Puppets, At The Same Time He Uses Oil To Wage War

The invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin heralds the end of the West’s Era of Illusions. It was a time when Western elites were concerned with resolving climate change. They’ve even convinced themselves that climate change is the root cause of conflict. The annual United Nations climate conferences were the pinnacle of international relations for many years. Kerry was only getting started with a stream of clichés that paint him as a delusional climate relic, unwilling to accept the reality that Putin has put on the globe.

Moreover, Russia has never concealed its desire to avoid reducing its emissions. Russia’s second Nationally Determined Contribution, presented in November 2020 as part of the Paris climate accord, aims to restrict 2030 emissions to “no more than 70% of 1990 levels.” The baseline year of 1990 was the last one before the Soviet economy collapsed. That implies Russia may raise its emissions by 34%, even before accounting for any forestry and land-use changes that would allow Russia to claim credit for harmful emissions.

Russia’s apathy about climate change predates Putin’s election. Soviet experts claimed that warming would be advantageous in northern latitudes. Russian climate experts have a better knowledge of climate science and the potential impact of growing CO2 levels on world temperatures. Before Congress, John Christy compared 102 climate-model simulations to observed global mid-troposphere temperatures from satellites and balloons.

Therefore when it comes to climate change research, Secretary of State John Kerry is naive and simplistic. Contrast his example with the following remark from the IPCC’s third assessment report: “Long-term projection of future climatic conditions is not conceivable.” However, Kerry and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to reach a deal on fracking. Putin recognizes the significance of energy as a component of American strategic might. John Kerry serves as Putin’s handy climate fool. Kerry’s invasion of Ukraine has been the world’s most serious issue since the Cuban missile crisis sixty years ago.