Democrats Are Furious With Andrew Yang

In 2020, Andrew Yang ran for president in the Democrat Party’s primary election. While Yang didn’t win the party’s nomination, his talk of unity and putting people first in society caught a lot of people’s attention.

The reality is that a lot of people have felt left behind for quite some time. This is especially true today as countless people are crushed by inflation, growing crime rates, and the current recession.

Other well-known talking points from Yang include pushing back against the hyper-partisan nature of the current two-party system. In fact, the former Democratic candidate has started a new party called the Forward Party.

In a nutshell, the Forward Party isn’t about being on the left or the right. Instead, it’s about policies that help people go forward and together in unity. Meanwhile, Democrats are absolutely furious over this latest development.

A Closer Look at Outrage Against Yang
In a recent op-ed, Yang brought the Forward Party to life and explained what Americans can expect from it. As the new party’s founder, Yang explained that Forward stands for freedom of the individual, the broad success of communities, and the upholding of US democracy.

Yang also announced that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are more than welcome to join the Forward Party.

In spite of this, Democrats aren’t thrilled about this new party at all.

In fact, they’re going after Yang personally, accusing him of secretly working on behalf of the political right. Some leftists have even claimed that anyone who is not part of the Democrat Party is inherently a “fascist.”

Multiple top Democratic officials also claimed the only legitimate party is the Democrat Party. This outrage against the Forward Party and the denial of the Republican Party’s very existence comes from many of the same folks who routinely scream about the importance of not losing democracy.

Pushback From the Forward Party
Amid all the outrage from Democrats, the Forward Party isn’t taking this criticism laying down.

Mary Ann Mancuso, the spokeswoman for the Forward Party, released a recent statement in response to the backlash.

Per Mancuso, the Forward Party opposes “anti-democracy extremism” in all shapes and sizes. The party’s spokeswoman also reiterated that adding to available choices in politics improves and furthers democracy, rather than threatening it.

On Twitter, Andrew Yang has touted the success of the Forward Party.