Democratic Rep. Aaron Coleman Was Asked To Step Down After Arrest On Suspicion Of DUI

Rep. Aaron Coleman was called on by the Democratic leader of the Kansas House of Representatives after he got arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. The Democratic Minority Leader, Tom Sawyer, stated about Coleman that he is clearly in dire need of help. He further added that his colleague should resign for the sake of his constituents, the State of Kansas, and, most importantly, for himself to concentrate on getting proper help.

Sawyer even stated that for someone in such a mental state, the stress of the legislature is not a healthy environment at all. Sawyer did not even take a moment before calling out his colleagues’ mental state. It is a vast and strong accusation against someone in his position. But there is also some prior record on Coleman that shows he may not fit the position. Fox4 KC reported that the 21-year-old has served in the House of State for a year now. He was arrested on Saturday at 1 am on interstate 70.

In October, he was previously arrested on misdemeanor allegations and was all out of bounds for this arrest. The young democrat is alleged to have threatened to attack his grandfather and was also accused of spitting and hitting on his brother.

Gov. Laura Kelly backed Tom Sawyer while stating that the state lawmakers need to act on it if Coleman does not resign on his own. Keeping the previous arrest history in view, she added that his recent arrest is evidence that he cannot serve in the house. I mean, after the first arrest, it was pretty clear that the young adult was just not cut out for the job.