Democratic House Candidate Abby Broyles Apologizes For ‘Drunkenly’ Scolding And ‘Harassing’ Young Girls

Abby Broyles is a failed 2020 Senate candidate and current Democratic candidate for an Oklahoma Republican House seat. She was accused of harassing pre-teen girls while drunkenly visiting a friend’s residence. When Broyles went to see a friend whose daughter was having a sleepover party, she allegedly began acting aggressively and irrationally, shouting obscenities at the girl’s pals.

Broyles reportedly called one girl an “acne f*cker” at a sleepover and another a “Hispanic f*cker.” According to reports, one girl vomited into a laundry basket and another girl’s shoes. Her actions infuriated her parents. “Your horrible, vicious, and discriminatory actions should not be condoned or brushed under the rug,” one person stated.

“Not only did you terrify and traumatize these lovely girls with your remarks, but you also damaged a pair of their shoes with your puke! Considering how often you’ve boasted to these kids about how rich and successful you are, surely you can afford to replace her shoes!” In response to, Broyles first rejected the charges.

NonDoc received images and video of a house party thrown by the homeowner with four females, three of whom were dressed in their pajamas. “This didn’t happen,” the homeowner claimed when asked whether she attended the party. She allegedly threatened to sue NonDoc for publicizing what they had discovered and claimed the girls’ moms staged the event.

When asked if he was the target of an internet smear campaign, Republican state Sen. Broyles said, “She is simply telling them it’s not true, and if she were a journalist, she would not be writing a piece on this.” She is running for public office. People don’t believe this is a political smear? she asked.

Moreover, it’s disgusting. According to Matthews, she was completely present, and she verbally and emotionally assaulted these youngsters. Broyles shouted nasty and discouraging comments to her and told her daughter she wouldn’t be as successful as her.

Broyles claims she combined sleeping medications with booze, causing delirium. She said that the prescription was given to her by her friend, the house’s host, when she paid a visit. “She had a negative reaction. Instead of assisting her in sleeping, she hallucinated,” Broyles explained.

Therefore Broyles is attempting to unseat Republican Representative Stephanie Bice, who represents Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District for the first time. “She would never, ever say something unpleasant like that,” Broyles stated.