Democratic Governors Threatened By GOP Nationalizing Midterms

Former House Speaker Tip O’Neill was very fond of saying all politics is local. He meant that it is essential for a successful congressional race for the candidate to talk about the bread and butter issues like taxes, health care, jobs, and the economy. Though in recent years, the trend has been shifting. Talking about bread and butter issues does not carry as much weight anymore. All politics can be national if the candidate has a clever communication strategy and a good party line to sell.

Republicans were pretty clever back in 2010 when they were running against the national issue of Obamacare, which made them wildly successful. The Democrats got swamped by the GOP in the congressional and state races during that year and won a decade of dominance in Washington and statehouses in various states. Over the years, it has been observed that nationalizing a midterm does not ensure very benefitting results, but Republicans may be onto something this year. They feel that they have a winning issue at hand to sell their way into winning maximum seats. They use “parental control in education” as a national issue to ride their way back into power. 

We have observed the Biden Administration and various governors talking about issuing mandates against parental involvement in education. Many people have been overly critical of the approach and feared for their children’s future as the Administration tried to exclude parents from the decision of what would be taught to their children or whether to have their kid vaccinated or not. Many GOP officials cashed the opportunity to gain majority votes in the upcoming midterms. 

Nationalizing local issues can prove very beneficial for the Republicans as education is a local issue. Moreover, if Biden manages to get the Build Back Better passed, inflation, hiking taxes, and gas prices will win GOP’s midterms.