Democrat Insiders Freak About Joe Biden But Still Manage To Miss The Point

Joe Biden’s favour ratings have plummeted in recent months, with a recent survey showing him with only 38% support. According to Politico, the fall of the Biden administration puts Democrats on edge.

Biden’s approval rating hasn’t dropped due to the coronavirus. However, it’s an easy way to pin his troubles on something outside his control. Instead, his best scores in most surveys came from his handling of the epidemic. A focus group of Democrats in Pennsylvania expressed dissatisfaction with the president, with everyone giving him a C- or worse rating. People do not believe that their lives have improved as a result of the changes. According to Sarah Longwell, the focus group leader, they understood that promises were not being followed.

Joe Biden’s policies, particularly on rent assistance, food stamps, and extended unemployment, have contributed to the current labour crisis. The supply chain problems, which include thousands of ships unable to dock and discharge cargo, may be traced to the workforce shortage and managerial ineptitude. Inflation rises as a result of a lack of items to fulfil demand.

Democratic strategists continue to promote the idea that this is all about COVID-19. According to one analyst, enacting both legislation will not be enough to boost Biden’s standing dramatically. He claims that the tens of millions of dollars spent to promote Biden’s plan is “reminding” Americans that the president isn’t focused on Covid.

Joe Biden has sunk due to his failings in Afghanistan, the economy, inflationary troubles, the border situation, and other areas where he has demonstrated that he is a poor leader. There’s also the matter of his mental fitness for the position, which is becoming more of public concern as surveys reveal his competency is being questioned. It isn’t a message problem that can be solved with a new public relations effort. Instead, it’s a result problem, and Americans are dissatisfied with the president’s numerous failures.