Democrat Argues Trump Should Remain On Ballot Unless Found Guilty

Maine’s decision to remove Donald Trump from the Republican presidential primary ballot in the state is not sitting well with people on both sides of the political aisle.

Shenna Bellows, the secretary of state in Maine, based her decision on the “insurrectionist ban” found in the 14th Amendment. It’s the same justification that Colorado’s Supreme Court used in barring Trump from the primary ballot there.

Just like in Colorado, though, it’s likely Trump will be allowed to appear on the primary ballot after all while his appeal in the case plays out. Trump’s legal team has already appealed the Colorado ruling, and the former president said he plans to do so in Maine as well.

Despite the ruling, there are some Democrats in Maine who don’t believe that Bellows’ decision was the right one.

Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) released a statement following the announcement that he believes Trump should remain on the primary ballot unless he’s actually found guilty of insurrection in court. That statement should hold significant weight, as Golden voted to impeach Trump over the Jan. 6 protests.

“I do not believe he should be re-elected as President of the United States,” Golden said in his statement. “However, we are a nation of laws, therefore until he is actually found guilty of the crime of insurrection, he should be allowed on the ballot.”

Maine and Colorado both based their decisions on allegations that Trump engaged in insurrection for his role in the Jan. 6 protests. At the same time, the question of whether he did so is still up in the air from a legal perspective.

Trump is facing a federal criminal case for alleged election interference in relation to the protests, a case that was brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith. That case is still going through the court system, with Trump’s team appealing a lower court’s ruling that he does not have presidential immunity in the case.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) agrees with Golden’s sentiments. She posted on the social media platform X that she believes the decision to bar Trump from the ballot should be overturned.

“Maine voters should decide who wins the election — not a Secretary of State chosen by the Legislature,” she wrote.